About StUd

StUd is your shared shopping list. You can register for a stUd account here. Once registered, you can connect from multiple devices to your shoppinglist and manage it using the StUd-client. The StUd client can be downloaded from the OpenStore. You can also manage your stUd list from the web.

Ofcourse you don't have to use it with multiple users or devices. The stUd-client will also work standalone and offline. In fact, that is the default mode. So if you stick with that, it will not sync to a remote service or to other devices.

StUd is a shopping list in the true sense. Therefore I felt it needed:

* As little of the screen to trigger anything, because when shopping and checking the list frequently, you do not want to delete items unwittingly
* To be able to read it at a glance (even without glasses :) )
* A clear overview of what is in your cart/basket (crossed out) and what still needs to be fetched
* When done shopping, the list should be cleared of what's in your cart. Things forgotten or out of stock should remain on the list for next time.
* To be able to use it, even without network. The online list syncs to localstorage on the phone so even when one looses -or switches off- network, the shoppinglist will still be right there on the device.

So stUd works best for people who need to manage a list together. Like for instance a household with a more then one person. Remember all the times your girlfriend told you in the morning to pick up this and that from the store after work? I'll bet you had forgotten half the time what it was she asked for! Thanks to stUd, you don't need to listen any more. She can chuck items on the list all day and all you have to do is launch stUd when you're at the shop.
Or how many times you remembered you needed beer just after she left the house? just add it to her shoppinglist right from your couch! If you don't have a phone handy, just log on to the website.

StUd is a quite simple app and it will stay simple. But there is always room for improvement. Please drop me a line with as much detail as you can at < apps dot matv1 at gmail dot com > or file a bug on the Github project page if you feel things don't work as they should.

StUd will not keep any data it doesn't need:

* E-mail address is used for confirmation only. After which, it is deleted immediately.
* No history will be kept. Ever. Only your current items are stored on the server. No data will ever be given or sold to others
* Project-code is available on Github